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Bangladesh Community


 The Bangali-American Christian Association is a voluntary association of individuals formed in 2006 to promote in particular, but not exclusively, Bangali social, literary, cultural, educational, religious, relief and welfare programs.  Participation in sponsored activities is open to members of the association and, under conditions defined by the association, to other interested persons of the community at large, thereby enriching the multi-ethnic traditions of the people of the greater metropolitan Washington area of the United States.

The Association, headquartered at St. Camillus Church, serves the Bangali Catholic community in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.  Its goals are to foster unity, solidarity, friendship, and religious, social, educational, and charitable activities.  Membership is open to all Christians from Bangladesh or India, Bangla-speaking or originating from a Bangali family, and presently residing in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, DC.  If a spouse of a member is a non-Christian or a non-Bangali, he or she may also become a member.  The association has sponsored two young people in the SEARCH program this year and hopes to increase 

the number in the future.  In the past, we have contributed to a local family suffering from cancer and to disaster relief in Bangladesh.  Every year we give a small scholarship to the young members who achieve the highest SAT scores to encourage academic achievement.  The association occasionally arranges Bangla masses at St. Camillus from visiting bishops and priests from Bangladesh and India.  The association is planning to organize an annual talent show for kids from kindergarten through college to encourage their extracurricular activities.  Other activities include an Easter party and a Christmas party in the Camilla room of St. Camillus Church and an annual sports day and summer picnic.  The association also embraces members of other St. Camillus Catholic communities and invites all members of the church to many of its activities, such as the liturgical dance that took place at our recent Easter vigil.

For more information, contact Stanley Gomes at 301-439-4378 (h); 301-562-8622(w); 202-445-5697 (c); This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.