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Alternative Christmas Fair



2016 Christmas Alternative Fair - Nomination Form



It’s time to NOMINATE potential recipient(s) of


held in December.   Some basics:

·       Must be nominated by a parish member

·       Must be an International non-profit 501-3C charity

·       Must have under 10% expenses

·       Parishioner nominating must have first hand knowledge or

be involved in the charity in some way

Nomination forms may be obtained at the Parish Office or at



**The ALTERNATIVE GIFT FAIR provides an opportunity for people to give

a donation to the selected organization(s) in lieu of or in addition to giving

someone on your Christmas gift list a material gift.  When a donation is

made, the donor is given a gift card which tells about the charity and can be

given to someone as a gift.  Great for office gifts, family gifts, etc. instead

of having to purchase something at the store!  

Alternative Gift Fair 2015

 · When? The weekend of December 5-6 and December 12-13

Where? At the back of the church after all the Masses. 


The Alternative Christmas Gift Fair is a unique opportunity to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ in a way that provides an alternative to the consumer frenzy which seems to dominate our culture.   


This year, the proceeds from the sale of gift cards will be used by Global Partners Running Waters Project to help desperately poor, indigenous communities in Quiche, Guatemala.


· Over 90% of donations go directly to water projects in Quiche, Guatemala.

· Since 2003, GPRW has helped bring clean water to 8,237 families (approx. 41,178 people).

· Sometimes the current water holes are contaminated causing health issues

· Family members walk an average of 4 miles each day to collect 5 gallons of water needed for washing, cooking and bathing. 

· It takes a woman 3 hours to wash laundry at a watering hole using a rock to wash the clothes

· The average weight that a woman carries on her head is 44 pounds. (water)


For more information, click on this link


How Alternative Giving works! 

·      When a minimum suggested donation of $10* is made, the donor can select one of 4 card designs expressing Christmas wishes and explaining that a donation has been given to the Global Partners Project in their name.

*Donations can be any amount over $10, but $10 is the suggested minimum donation for a card.

·      This card can then be given as a Christmas gift instead of giving a commercially bought item.

·      Donations can be made by cash or by a check to:  St. Camillus Church with 
“Alternative Giving” in a memo line.

·      Cards will be available in English, Spanish or French.