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Silent Prayer Group

Silent Prayer Group

“In essence, meditation is simply being still at the centre of your being.”   John Main, OSB

Are you looking for ways to slow down and tune in more deeply to the presence of God in your life?  Or do you already have a meditation or centering prayer practice and would you like to practice with others?  If so, please join the Silent Prayer Group on Mondays from 7:30-9:00 pm in the Meditation room.  

Our format is simple.  We begin at 7:30 with an opening prayer, followed by a few moments of guided relaxation.  We then share a brief reading which is followed by a 25 minute period of silent prayer.  There is a time for journaling and then we have some time for sharing.


We encourage you dress comfortably and to bring a pen and a journal or something to write on.  You can sit in a regular chair or on a cushion.  We have cushions and mats available, though you are welcome to bring your own.

It is a wonderful gift to be able to sit in the deep silence of the group and pray.  We gather every week and we hope you will join us when you are able. No previous experience with this style of prayer is needed—all are warmly welcome.  

Not sure where the Meditation Room is located?  Check the facilities map on the website—it is located down the hall from the Clare Center.  This requires walking up one flight of stairs. We apologize that the location is not handicap accessible. 



 Kathy Galleher ( 301-455-1720 or kgalleher@ yahoo. com )

 Mary Rein (301-587-0369 or mary.bennett.rein@  gmail. com)

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