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Liturgical Life

Liturgical Life at St. CamillusRecently, we did a survey of what folks love best about St. Camillus. Liturgy was mentioned over and over. There is a sense that you have come home. “There is a strong sense of welcoming here,” commented parishioners. “The music is incredible!” wrote many others. Still a third group spoke of how beautifully the Church is decorated and maintained. Each of these elements contributes to the rich liturgical life that we enjoy, but it doesn’t happen without the contribution of many members of our parish family. Many work quietly behind the scenes so that the sacraments that we celebrate, from the Easter Vigil to the 22nd Sunday in Ordinary time, from baptisms to funerals, from first communion to the communal reconcilliation, all be profound experiences of our Risen Lord among us.

This begins with the Liturgy Committee, which works around the year to plan liturgies that are both fresh and innovative, while also respectful of tradition and multicultural sensitivities.  There is a whole group of individuals who work to keep the altar linens clean and pressed, the church neat and tidy, and the flowers fresh and attractive. These are people we seldom see, yet their contribution adds invaluably to our worship experience.  Then, there are the various ministers we do see, such as altar servers, ushers, Eucharistic ministers, lectors, and the ministers of hospitality. The servers’ attentiveness helps the liturgy to flow smoothly.  Our Lectors carefully prepare the reading so that, when powerfully proclaimed, the Word speaks to the heart of those assembled.  Eucharistic ministers help us to experience the reverent reception of the Sacred Body and Blood. Ushers work efficiently to take up the offertory collection while being ever attentive to the special needs of others.

No discussion of our liturgical life here at St. Camillus would be complete without what most consider to be one of our greatest treasures, our Music Ministry.  St. Camillus is second to none in the richness, diversity, and giftedness of its music.  It moves our hearts, touches our souls, and helps us to experience more deeply the transformative power of liturgy.  Many churches consider themselves fortunate if on Sunday they have one good choir.  We are blessed with non-stop glorious music every weekend by five of them, each one distinctly and richly talented.  For newcomers and long-standing members as well, the choirs offer a unique way in which to share the voice that God has given them, while enjoying a wonderful sense of community that often develops among members of a choir.

There are many ways that people are contributing their time and talent to our incredibly rich liturgical and spiritual life here at St. Camillus. Where do your talents lie?  Won’t you share them?

Bible Study on Wednesdays through May!

Bible Study

Our bible study program started on Wednesday Feb.4!  This season will focus on “The Story of Israel”.  We will be doing a “grand tour” of the Old Testament from Genesis to Jesus, hitting the highlights.  The idea is to grasp the grand narrative story that is being told there.  We will meet on Wednesdays from9:30 to 11:00am in the Father Grace Room.  We use the Little Rock Bible Study program, the materials will cost $30 for the full 14 week program.  The study is led by Deacon Peter Barbernitz.  Please come and join us, even if you have to miss a week or two.  We have about 25 regulars and we always welcome more!