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Parish Council Mission Statement

St. Camillus Parish Council Mission Statement

(Current as of December 2011)
The mission of the St. Camillus Parish Council is to assist the St. Camillus Pastor and Friars in discerning and fulfilling the will of God for the St. Camillus Parish as expressed in the St. Camillus Mission Statement (see below) and the Strategic Plan (see web link for Strategic Plan).  
In fulfilling the St. Camillus Parish Mission, the Parish Council performs the following functions:

a) Collaborate with the Pastor and other Friars to help guide the growth of the Parish by the power of the Holy Spirit.

b) Coordinate the development and implementation of the Strategic Plan with the Pastor, the Friars and the various groups and committees in the Parish.

c) Discern and respond to the needs and concerns of all Parishioners, Parish staff, the Pastor and the other Friars. Convey the needs and concerns of the Parish to the Pastor and other Friars.

d) Nurture the Parish as a community of believers, by supporting and participating in Parish life and events.

St. Camillus Parish Mission Statement

The mission of St. Camillus Church is to proclaim the Kingdom of God in our neighborhood by celebrating the Sacraments together, by sharing our faith in Jesus Christ, by reaching out to everyone in need, especially the poor, the immigrant, the alienated and the sick and by living the Gospel every day.  Every one of us is gifted by God's grace and is needed and treasured. All of our members are expected to share their gifts so that together we can accomplish our Mission. We are always guided by the Holy Spirit and the lives of St. Camillus and St. Francis of Assisi.

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