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Ministry to Family and Pastoral Care

Family &Pastoral Care Goal 1:  The parish supports couples in all stages of marriage – from Pre-Cana through Marriage Enrichment – and takes advantage of worship opportunities to hold up the central role of the family in fostering a spiritual wellbeing of its members.

Family & Pastoral Care Goal 1, Proposal 1:   St. Camillus sponsors couples and family retreats, alternating between the two.

Rationale: The job description of the Lifelong Faith Formation Director (LFFD) includes leadership of retreats and opportunities for spiritual development.  The Family and Pastoral Care group wants to ensure that retreats are available for this community.

Action Steps:

Establish a Retreat Committee to be involved in the programming of the annual retreat.  This should be done within the first year.  They will deal with the following: content, childcare and outreach, and support for the LFFD.

•The Retreat Committee will organize an annual one-day family mini-retreat towards the end of the first year plan.

• As the annual family retreat becomes established, particular attention should be paid to planning children and teen activities, to keep them engaged and enthusiastic.

• A couple’s retreat will be scheduled within the second year of the plan.


Family & Pastoral Care Goal 1, Proposal 2:  St Camillus will consider the possibility of offering School Parents Night Out to support growth and communication of couples.


Action Steps:

• Investigate feasibility of and interest in Parents Night Out programs, led cooperatively with the St. Francis International PTSO.  If possible, such nights should be offered in the second year of the plan.[1]


Family & Pastoral Care Goal 2:   Parish extends more opportunities for children and youth to participate in the liturgical life of the parish.

Family & Pastoral Care Goal 2, Proposal 1:  St. Camillus will explore the possibility of designating an occasional general mass in each of the three languages on families with young children.   This has been done annually with the Christmas evening mass, but could be expanded to also take place in ordinary time.

Action Steps:

•  In the first year of the plan, create a subcommittee of interested parents to help with skits, readers and music.  Request that one or more members of the Liturgy Committee participate as well to provide guidance.

Organizers of this Mass should make a conscious effort to engage students from St. Francis International and the CCD program.  For this reason, the Coordinator of Religious Education and a representative from St. Francis International should be invited to join in planning.


F& PC Goal 2, Proposal 2:  St. Camillus will continue sponsoring and promoting the Teen Mass

Action Steps:

• Continue with a once a month Teen Mass, organized by the Youth Minister and the Youth Ministry team.

• Provide more publicity about the Teen Mass, on the web and with other media.

• Youth Ministry will propose how they wish to enhance their Mass (ie, with a teen music program, or other) within the first year of the plan. Co-Director for Youth Faith Formation will present the proposal (including any request for resources).

Family &Pastoral Care Goal 3:  St. Camillus parish has provided age appropriate worship alternatives for children and babies while creating and maintaining a sense of reverence and liturgical decorum among its adult members during Sunday liturgy.

Family & Pastoral Care Goal 3, Proposal 1:  St Camillus is in the process of establishing a small cry room.  For the first year of the Plan, the focus will remain on observing the extent to which the room helps address the needs of families with young children.  Additional alternatives will be explored in subsequent years.


Family & Pastoral Care Goal 4:  St Camillus parish has developed a Parish-wide Senior Ministry that addresses the needs of older parishioners in our diverse racial and ethnic communities.

Rationale/Explanation:   While we pursue this objective, we should be mindful that:

  1. Developing a comprehensive senior ministry will take time and it will be advanced through incremental steps
  2. In shaping the vision of the Senior Ministry at St. Camillus Church, we need to seek an ongoing input from our parish community.
  3. In the beginning, we need to focus on a couple of the 8 areas that are listed in the proposed Senior Ministry organizational chart, possibly starting with those areas where volunteers and resources already exist

Action Plan

• Several steps towards this goal have already been taken especially by the JPIC community.  Ron Dickenson has developed a mission statement and organizational chart for the Senior Ministry.  In addition, he and Ray Nosbaum have begun meeting with representatives of the major language communities, for example el Comite Hispano, the Bangla community, and the French community.


Future Action Steps

Responsible Parties

Time Frame

Make announcements at the end of all Sunday Masses that invite the parishioners to do a written assessment of the parish plan for the Senior Ministry and to participate in town hall meeting related to Senior Ministry that will focus on this issue.


First year of plan

Use the Senior Connection assessment tool to process the new input and data.

Ron, Ray, TBD

First year of plan

Conduct a town hall meeting.

Ron, Ray, TBD

Second year of plan

Identify teams that will implement the recommendations that are expected to come from the written assessment and town hall meeting

Ron, Ray, TBD

Second year of plan

[The JPIC team proposed more detailed steps for this, but these are not included in the Strategic Plan so that the JPIC team and the Family & Pastoral Care team can build plans together.]

Family &Pastoral Care Goal 5:  St. Camillus parish has developed a strong support network for the bereaved by offering counseling and accompanying them through funeral procedures. 

Family & Pastoral Care Goal 5, Proposal 1:  St Camillus will create a referral booklet for grieving families.

Action Steps:

A team including representatives from Caring Friends, a representative from the Pastoral Team, local hospital representatives, etc, will develop a simple referral booklet for grieving families.  This booklet can be printed on an as-needed basis, and can also be available as a website link.

Family & Pastoral Care Goal 5, Proposal 2:  St Camillus will consider the possibility of establishing a group to provide support to families in a time of loss.


Action Steps:

• In the future,  (third year of plan or later), St Camillus should consider establishment of a multigenerational bereavement ministry group, or a grieving families group.

Family &Pastoral Care Goal 6:  St. Camillus has a system in place that can refer people to agencies that can help them in times of serious crisis. 

Family & Pastoral Care, Goal 6, Proposal 1:  By the third year of the strategic plan, St Camillus will have established written guidelines for supporting families and individuals in crisis.  This will take the form of lists of resources and referrals, and will be available on the website and also provided to individuals on an as-needed basis. 

Action Steps:

The parish office already provides help on an ad-hoc basis.  In second year of plan, the office will be assisted in developing a guide for emergency resources.

• This guide will be made available on the website and Parish Office staff members will be familiar with how to use it for those who walk into the office seeking help.


[1] Preliminary estimate of cost for a Parent’s Night Out: $300 each event.