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Alternative Christmas Gift 2017: The People of Haiti

This year our parish Alternative Christmas Gift will help the Fieffe Foundation for Haiti to build a self-sustainable community, providing the people with the resources they need to become independent, and by improving the lives of women and youth in Bainet, Haiti. Recently, they have provided over 500 scholarships for children and women; built latrines; replaced a building destroyed by the 2010 earthquake.

YOUR donations will help with their future plans to build the first library and a medical center. You can make your donations and receive your Christmas Alternative Gift cards after masses on December 2, 3, 9, &10.

Isn’t this amazing! Isn’t this wonderful! If you give a donation in lieu of or in addition to a traditional gift, you and your alternative gift recipient are helping to change people’s lives in Haiti. This alternative gift is especially great for person who needs nothing and has everything.

How it works: Go to a center in the back of the church and give a donation of $10 or more for a card, which tells all about the organization and what it has done and plans for the future.
The alternative gift is it tax deductible. Since the Fieffe Foundation for Haiti is a 501-3C organization, tax receipts are available at each of the centers.

PLEASE BE GENEROUS……and help the children and women in Haiti.
Thanks everybody!            -Brother Chris