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Bread for the word

For 40 years, Bread for the World has been a collective Christian voice urging our nation's leaders to end hunger at home and abroad.  Each year since 2010, parishioners at St. Camillus have conducted an "Offering of Letters," hand-writing letters to members of Congress asking them to protect and promote various programs and policies that help low-income families and those who struggle with hunger.  The letters in 2013 were focused on the Farm Bill, which addresses food stamps and international food aid programs.  Our 2014 Offering of Letters is focused on reforming U.S. food aid in several ways, including changes to allow purchase of food near the countries where it is needed, so that the food arrives faster, is less expensive, and helps local farmers and local economies in other countries.  Each of these letter-writing campaigns has been very successful.  We believe we are called to use the power of influence that God has given each of us, to help our hungry sisters and brothers in our neighborhood and around the world.  (For more information, go to www.bread.org)